Frequently Asked Questions
I like one of your properties. How do I purchase it?

Give us a call or email. We’re happy to talk through the process.

Do you own the properties that you sell?

Yes! We own every property we sell. You’re dealing directly with the property owner. This means you’re getting the best price and can purchase your land quickly. There are no real estate agent commissions!

How do you acquire the properties and why are they priced much lower than similar properties in the area?

We buy land in bulk. Many times people we buy from inherited the property or had some sort of change of plans and want to sell their properties at a deep discount. We then pass along those discounts to our customers.

We like to sell properties as soon as we buy them. So, we try to price our properties lower to attract more buyers. 

Is the property free of liens or taxes?

Yes! No surprised here. When you buy a property from us you are buying a property that’s 100% free and clear. 

Can I meet you at the property?

No. We do physically show our properties. You are welcome to walk the property on your own.

Can I have my real estate agent call you?

Of course. We work with buyers’ agents all the time. Know that our pricing does not include paying a commission to buyer’s agents. In other words, you would be responsible for compensating your agent.

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