Own your own mountain – Snowflake, AZ

Ridgeline along east side of property

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Once you click the “Reserve Now” button and complete the Checkout Process, we will receive an instant notification that your deposit has been made. This deposit is non-refundable and will be credited towards your purchase. You will then be given the option to close through a local title company or in-house. Please contact us with any questions.

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Absolutely breathtaking! Not your average Arizona flat – this is your opportunity to own 36 acres with a 200′ ridge along the eastern side of the property.  360 degree views as far as the eyes can see can be yours! Year round road access, gate and 4 strand wire fence around perimeter already installed. Was a golden eagles nest along the front of the ridge.

Want a little extra incentive to satisfy your inner explorer? Adjacent to this lot are thousands of acres of state owned land waiting for you-the possibilities are endless! This is your dream opportunity don’t let this opportunity pass you by! There four seasons with neither winter for summer being too extreme. Spring time is great to enjoy the vegetation. All types of prairie flowers, cactus flowers, the weather is cool to warm and perfect sleeping. Fall is equally as nice, but in reverse, with the air and earth still warm and comfortable , everything seems to slow down a little as you start thinking about the first cold spell and measurable snowfall and when is it’s coming in.

It’s a good spot for a weekend get away from Phoenix heat, or a good place to use as your camp while you’re up here hunting or a good place to build and raise your kids. Visitors have said the property looks like a state park. It’s a mormon community established in the mid 1800s with a history of wholesome living and good schools.

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36.3 Acres





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3352 Geronimo Road, Snowflake AZ 85937







Dirt Road




Would be by well


Rural Residential


6,200 feet

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